Welcome to Crossroads Chiropractic

There has never been a better time than right now to take control of your health before your health takes control of you! Do you experience chronic or recurring pain? Do you have lingering injuries? Take medication daily to suppress pain, depression, anxiety? Suffer from headaches or migraines? Or, are you interested in more energy, preventing future pain and a higher quality of life? We’re here to help you reach all your wellness goals!

If you are like many of our patients, you’re looking to get to the root cause of your problems, fix them without drugs or surgical intervention AND then prevent them from coming back!

Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives, combining skill, expertise, and the latest technology to design a treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

You are unique, so are we! Every patient receives individualized care at Crossroads Chiropractic, and our doctors are trained to efficiently diagnose and prescribe the most effective course of treatment for your individual muscle, joint or nerve disorder.

We aim to not only relieve your pain, but to correct your problem and promote optimal overall health long term.





When I first saw Dr. Taylor, I was having severe lower back problems. I’ve always been skeptical about Chiropractors. After several weeks of visiting with Dr. Taylor, I noticed a huge reduction of pain I had previously. Several weeks after that, my pain had gone away completely. Thanks to Dr. Taylor, I am now 100% back to normal. I am thoroughly convinced, that if I ever have any back problems again, I will definitely go back and see Dr. Taylor. Thanks Dr. Taylor. ~ Kevin

I’ve been seeing Dr Taylor for about three years now and would recommend her highly. A big part of any practice too is the front office and the three women here are exceptional. Welcoming, always have a smile! Chiropractic with decompression saved me, and now provides the tune ups to keep me pain free. – Brenda

I adore Crossroads Chiropractic! They’ve always treated me very nicely, I like their new location and the ambiance of the space, and Dr. Taylor always helps my aches and pains! They’ve been especially understanding when I’ve had to cancel or change my appointments, and I really appreciate that. I also got a massage here once and enjoyed it! I definitely recommend this place for anyone in KC. – Jordan